Signs when someone asks to look at their old weaboo stage sketchbook that they somehow found somewhere

ARIES: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH *rips sketchbook into pieces and shoves some into mouth* Nah.
TAURUS: If you want *sits on sketchbook and doesn’t move until other swears not to ever lay a finger on it ever*
CANCER: *hands over shakily* Why must you hurt me this way
LEO: This is what I called the dark ages. What you are about to witness may disturb you. Shut up I was hella good for a 9 year old.
VIRGO: Not very good manners to mess with other people’s shit, ain’t it?
LIBRA: You’re my friend, and friends don’t do that to other friends!!!
SCORPIO: *Takes sketchbook and rips off every page one by one, burning them and missing the ashes until they turn into sticky ball like pieces. Scatter the pieces all over the desert in secret tomb like underground structures, setting various obstacles and ruse traps for those who seek them.* 
SAGITTARIUS: *throws everything out window* 
CAPRICORN: Leave. Leave now and never come back.
AQUARIUS: By agreeing to proceed into these files, you agree to not have us held responsible for possible migraines, colourblindness, total blindness, mental retardations, new phobias, seizures, deaths or other health issues that youmay encounter later on. Please sign here.
PISCES: *scream of horror*  I’m just a p-poor little fish, I haven’t done anything wrong, I s-swear *self pity sob* *knee hug*

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