Zodiac signs meeting their celebrity crush

  • You're chilling at a coffee place, just sitting around and your phone is being used to capture and instagram several pictures of your cup. Out of the corner of your eyes you spot him. Hot celebrity guy you run a blog about.
  • He's not noticing you, about 30 feet away. He gets close to the counter and orders a drink! You're looking at your friends but they don't give a shit! He's moving towards the table next to you now and you can see the hotness of his face! My god, there's hotness everywhere!
  • Aries: ...*sprints towards him in slow motion if necessary and violently hugs him screaming, pushing him back against the tables and ending up handcuffed and questioned* But it was all worth it.
  • Taurus: *silently touches his butt without him noticing and observes him obsessively until he goes away*
  • Gemini: *calls up like 94890283409324 friends* Guys. Guys go here. It's a friendship-command. GO HERE OR I'LL RUIN YOU. You won't believe who'e here omg omg omg omg omg omg intagram pics will have to wait, guys!!
  • Cancer: *hides self under table and try to settle the feels down but desperately can't and from that day on Cancer hasn't been the same not since that accident*
  • Virgo: Oh, hello there mister. I have to say, I uh, am I huge fan of yours and- oh no, i don't mean to, like just take your autograph and... no, no! I'm so sorry, I'm not going to disturb you, haha... you are my idol after a- I'll leave gomen.
  • Libra: *starts to panic and readjusts make-up* Hahaha, hello, lol you're so funny! Haha, well, I just, haha, really like you and... oh i can't do this YES I C... no no fuck i like you DAMN YOU CAN'T SAY THAT iiiii mean i admire you dammit AHHHH *starts telling life story*
  • Scorpio: If i take his cup after he's finished i'll get an indirect make out
  • Sagittarius: *horse-pterodactyl noise* IT IS...IT IS YOU. ARE YOU SURE IT IS YOU? I'm kinda sorta sure gdi why're you so hot imma be honest i'd have sex with you right now if you'd like and you don't even have to do all the work imma just
  • Capricorn: *takes picture discretely and stalks him until someone points them out. When someone does Capricorn just absconds into the night*
  • Aquarius: If I find a way to steal their underwear without them noticing i will get an indirect sextime
  • Pisces: *breaks down crying on the floor* You're just so beautifuuuuuul *still crying 2 hours after they've gone away awkwardly*
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