Alternate ways of saying I love you to a(n)…

Definitely not my usual stuff but people kept suggesting thhiiiis…..

ARIES: "I’d let you win any time. Not that you need it. You’ll always win. My heart as an example"
TAURUS: ”You’re the most important thing in my life”
GEMINI: ”I could talk to you for hours”
CANCER: ”I look forward to having your last name” / “Do you like my last name? If you don’t, I’ll gladly change mine to yours”
LEO: ”I’d build a shrine to you I hope I’m good enough for such a wonderful person as you”
VIRGO: ”I try my best to meet your requirements, since I’m sure we’ll be together for a long time. Maybe a lifetime”
LIBRA: "We can share a life. Equally"
SCORPIO: ”I’m obsessing over you, you know that?”
SAGITTARIUS: ”I hope it won’t have to happen, but I’d let you go if you wanted to without trying to win you back. But it won’t happen, will it?”
CAPRICORN: ”You’re my success”
AQUARIUS: "We can be different together"
PISCES: "I had to make sure if you had enough sleep yesterday, since I saw you in a dream"  


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