Zodiac senpais

Writing this in the middle of the night sorry if it’s dumb oh wait all my other posts are 

ARIES: Godammit, I said I didn’t like you I’ll never notice you go away. THIS DOESN’T COUNT AS NOTICING, PEASANT.

TAURUS: Look, I don’t like you. I like that other girl that sells slushies near the school. If I buy you a slushie could we remain normal friends?

GEMINI: I’m only gonna break- break your break- break your heart Look, kouhai, I’m willing to give you a chance. But it’s not guaranteed that I’ll stay :)

CANCER: Oh, uh, I don’t know, if you really like me then, uh… I don’t know okay? *blushes* Why do you like meeee

LEO: I’m way too good for you *flips hair*

VIRGO: There’s a chance, but just stop pestering me. It lowers your luck with me.

LIBRA: B-butI have this other kouhai too…oh my god, who to choose…

*glare* If you get any closer I will cut you 

SAGITTARIUS: Oh, well I don’t love you, so I guess we can just go play laser tag or somethin’. Yeah?

CAPRICORN: No *walks away looking down*

AQUARIUS: *literally does not notice you and walks right pass*

PISCES: Oh noez what will I do I don’ wanna hurt your feeling weh well I guess I could like go on a date or two if that makes you feel better I swear I’m not worth having a kouhaiiii

so yeh

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