Common Exaggerated Zodiac Stereotypes


Aries: I’m a selfish prick who belittles and degrades other people. I’m also a big baby.

Taurus: I’m this food obsessed weirdo who hoards money under my mattress. 

Gemini: I’m either the cattiest bitch or a socially rejected bookworm. 

Cancer: I’m a cry baby who can’t control my pacific ocean sized emotions.

Leo: I am the King or Queen, everyone must grovel at my feet, and I’m selfish and shallow.

Virgo: I’m either a vegetarian neat-freak or a rude, criticizing jerk.

Libra: I can’t ever make up my mind about anything and I’m as shallow as a kiddie pool.

Scorpio: I’m a sex addicted freak beneath the sheets who’s mean and psycho. Now love me or feel my scorpion wrath.

Sagittarius: I’m Mr. Sunshine all day, every day. I also don’t care about other people’s feelings because I’m an ass!

Capricorn: I’m so serious that I never have fun doing anything. I also marry people with status because that’s all I care about.

Aquarius: I’m strange and eccentric, if I do have friends then all of them are fake, and I have the emotional range of a teaspoon.

Pisces: I can predict the future at the blink of an eyelash and I’ll either become super successful in life or fail everything. I’m also an emotional water balloon.

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