The zodiac signs doing homework

Wasn’t anyone’s suggestion (/shot), but I’ll surely consider yours too for the future. Some of your suggestions are very interesting.

ARIES: Doesn’t read the whole assignment, and tries to rush things. Straight As are overestimated. Unless their best friend challenges them to get a better grade then him/herself, of course.

TAURUS: Does it slooooooooowly, but normally does it pretty well. Better safe than sorry.

GEMINI: Does one bit, goes to do other stuff, comes back to do another bit, goes away for a while, repeat until done

CANCER: Asks friends for help on the phone quite a few times

LEO: Sometimes use long words or complicated math thingies (I’m not good at this ok?) for their work to look impressive

VIRGO: Spend more time organizing how they will do the homework than actually doing it. If they did it on paper and don’t find it appealing, they will most likely copy it all over again on another piece of paper 

LIBRA: Procrastinates, not that other signs don’t. But they do this THE MOST. When they realize they haven’t done shit and the deadline’s close, they will freak out big time.

SCORPIO: Does it for hours, not saying that all of that time will be used to actually doing the homework. (hint: The internet)

SAGITTARIUS: ”Okay, you can do this… Oh look a wall!” They can’t focus. Homework is fucking boring.

CAPRICORN: Does what a teacher would expect them to do. Do the homework like a good student, and at least get a C+. But they will get lots of As, because they are the most efficient.

AQUARIUS: Who knows.They might write for hours and only then realize their shit doesn’t make sense, or is good but irrelevant.

PISCES: "You can do this! No you can’t. YES YOU CAN. No. YES. What is wrong with me. YOU ARE ALRIGHT. This sounds wrong. OF COURSE 2+2 IS 4 YOU DUMBASS" They’re not at all  confident with their work

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